Here at Infurious we love the idea of gaming and the unique pleasure in the game creation process. Every game is different, but also, every game should tell a story. Today too many games are created without a backstory or are just thrown together with an idea to just make a game and move on.

Here at Infurious we are different

Professor Frank'n'Stink

Professor Frank’n’Stink was the worlds most prolific creator of all things smelly. Winning awards and medals, he was on top. That was until Sir Fartalot took that all away from him. Now this is his last chance to prove he’s still got what it takes.

Chicken Tap

The chickens have escaped from Clucks Chicken Farm, just over the hill and are running towards a busy road, which if they get there will cause havoc with the cars.


In this wacky game, hordes of army ants attack in various manners ranging from dropping down on balloons, biplanes, helicopters and huge Zeppelins to knock froggy off his wooden pole.