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Professor Frank’n’Stink was the worlds most prolific creator of all things smelly. Winning awards and medals, he was on top. That was until Sir Fartalot took that all away from him. Now this is his last chance to prove he’s still got what it takes.


This is the first Infurious game of the new 2020 decade and we’re hoping it’ll be a corker. But first there is a huge amount of work on the design, implementation and tooling around the development.

You can follow us as we start going through the current design phase and follow along in our News section or on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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Professor Frank’n’Stink was top of his class, when it came to the creation of anything foul. He was famous the world over. Given awards, money, and even appeared on the cover of ‘Stink‘ magazine, more than once.

He was on top of the world, and it felt that nothing could touch him.


That was until Sir Fartalot came onto the scene. Year after year he managed to pip the Professor at the smell awards, mainly because Fartalot came before Frank’n’Stink, alphabetically. For some reason Fartalots concoctions were just as good as his own, and as his was showcased first, meant there was little the Professor could do. In more recent years the Professors had failed entirely.


He had to find out what was happening or whereabouts he was going wrong, so he invested in a new fangled camera system. With it recording, he started with excitement, but alas it wasn’t to be. FAILURE, yet again.

So sure everything was done right he started looking through the video tape of his experiment, when it captured Sir Fartalot swapping out his potion and replacing it with a failed one.



Realising this, the Professor took himself to his ancestral home and created a lab deep in the bowels of the castle dungeon. Creating terrible traps and cunning puzzles to stop any would be trespasser. The only way to stop these is the cutoff switch in the lab, and a heavy impenetrable door to keep thieves out, and any possible catastrophic issues in.


After completing his most diabolical concoction ever, he carefully set about testing it. This was the point when everything went wrong. In a panic he escaped his lab hitting the button to seal the lab shut, but didn’t hit the button to allow safe passage out.


Now with a stinky boiler bursting at the seams behind him, and all his most advanced traps and puzzles still active in front of him, it’s up to you to help get the Professor safely through the castle onto the roof in order to escape certain death by intoxication.