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Welcome to Infurious Republic

Postby Administrator on Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:13 pm

The Infurious Republic website was originally setup for the development and use of Blue Pilot Softwares Comic engine. The initial banning of PJ Holdens "Murderdrome" by Apple to the AppStore, due to cartoon blood, meant a total rethink on how we could approach this, using the same engine design. We later released our short EyeCandy kids comics, "The Masked Marshal" and "Beatnik High".

These got great reviews and where the first of their kind, but the very low return value on them and a few other teen/adult comics meant production basically ground to a halt. We did manage to get to build a comic reader for "Heroes", by NBC/Universal.

PJ went off back to comic drawing again and Matt Johnston headed up promo work at Digital Circle, working hard to get investment into Northern Ireland and support the digital hub.

I went off and looked at how I could take this business on. After several false starts I teamed up with Jonathan Temples, a great graphic artist and retro gamer. We formulated a plan and started work on several ideas. The first to reach conclusion is "DestructANT" and we're hoping for plenty more to follow before the end of the year.

Don't be afraid to sign up and comment here on the forum and let us know what you like/dislike or the types of game we should be developing.

Follow us on our blog, get RSS feeds, and also on Twitter.
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