This game is no longer available

  • So many choices

    So many choices

  • Take out zee balloons

    Take out zee balloons

  • Oh! Tanks . . .

    Oh! Tanks . . .

  • Another one down

    Another one down

  • Zeppelins now

    Zeppelins now

  • Looks spooky

    Looks spooky

  • It's getting HOT around here

    It's getting HOT around here

  • Noooooooo!!!


The game stars our courageously cute frog, ready for combat, army helmet at the ready, who’s made a last stand to protect his fruit stash with an improvised fruit cannon, high on a wooden pole.


In this wacky game, hordes of army ants attack in various manners, ranging from floating down on balloons, flying biplanes, helicopters and huge Zeppelins, all trying to knock poor frog off his fruit firing cannon perch.

If they do reach the ground, their mission is to¬†explode the foundations of the frog’s pole which is firmly fixed deep in the ground, by tunnelling, and laying explosives.

The game includes colourful graphics and huge sprites, beautifully animated with over 30 levels based around 3 worlds of game play and massive end of level bosses.

Get power-ups by collecting jewels hidden in the balloons that float down from the sky with ants hanging onto them. Collecting these will give you the chance for better weapons which range from extra fire power, faster shooting & reloading to fixing the damage on the fruit cannon.


Unfortunately this game was removed from the Apple Store when they removed all 32 bit compiled apps and went from supporting standard OpenGL graphics to their own Metal based architecture.

We may look at bringing this game back in the future but for now we’ll continue with new and exciting games. Keep watching, and playing.