Chicken Tap

This game is no longer available

  • Cute chicken

    Cute chicken

  • Time to play!

    Time to play!

  • This is easy

    This is easy

  • Burst of feathers

    Burst of feathers

  • Getting busy

    Getting busy

  • Dang! Chicken chaos

    Dang! Chicken chaos

  • Just one more game

    Just one more game

Infurious was commissioned to create a game to help raise money for the Royal Victoria Childrens Hospital in Belfast. The game was envisioned in a dream Alan Davidson had, and was brought to life, one chick at a time.

The chickens have escaped from Clucks Chicken Farm, just over the hill and are running towards a busy road, which if they get there will cause havoc with the cars, buses and lorries that use the road, bringing about total mayhem.

Chicken Tap

It’s up to you to help stop those chickens from reaching the road. Simply tap on a chicken to see it burst into a feathers, but watch out, as these little cluckers can be tricky and suddenly switch direction, or speed up.

Chicken Tap

See how long you can last and don’t forget to share your score on Facebook or Twitter. 

The initial release was sponsored by Boojum, and the highest score recorded over each week was eligible for a free Burrito.

As this was a commissioned game, we had no control over the length of time it would be available on the Apple Store, so unfortunately it has been removed by the owner.