About Us

We make great apps and lovely playable games for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It's really that simple . . . games & apps built in Northern Ireland.

We are a mobile platform and game development studio based outside Belfast in Northern Ireland and currently developing apps and games for the iPhone, iPod and iPad platforms. It's our passion and love that drives us to deliver games and apps that flow with playablity and functionality.

We believe graphics don't just make a game but playability too, and that's why we make sure that everything we do has that little bit extra. If somethings worth doing it's worth doing right. The Infurious creative studio is headed by Philip Orr, Senior app developer and Jonathan Temples, Creative Director of Art and animation.

Interested in us developing an app for you then just simply email or give infurious a call.

Who are we . . .


Philip Orr


Senior App Developer / Director

With over 30 years in the computer field, I have been fortunate to witness the vast changes in computers over the number of years. Having got into programming at the age of 9, I had my first game published at the grand old age of 12.

I'm currently Senior App Developer for creative media content for mobile devices such as Apples iPhone & iPad and been involved with Apple computer systems for over 20 years.

I've also been fortunate in training others right from the very basic introduction with the annual Trans Festival in Belfast, run by the Urban Arts Academy, to more involved specialised training organised through Giant Training, based in Belfast.

Have done work for a number of companies including a digital comic version of the cult T.V. show Heros by NBC/Universal Studios.

When I'm not glued in front of the computer, you can usually find me stuck in front of the iPad.

Email: philip@infuriousrepublic.com


Jonathan Temples


Creative Director of Art and Animation

Since the early 1990's I have been working on computer games for various English computer games companies ranging from full price game titles to budget game releases. I have worked across various platforms and received awards throughout my creative games career.

I am also an illustrator with experience in Children's book design, Flash animation, game concept art / level design, gaming sprite creation and sprite animation.

Of course it has to be illustrating or sketching. My new thing at the moment is trying to surf, So role on the good weather and bring on the North-Coast...

Email: jt@infuriousrepublic.com

Personal Website

ZZapGold Award

ZZap 64 Gold Award
96% Nobby the Aardvark

ZZapSilver Award

ZZap 64 Silver Award
94% CJ's elephant antics
91% Spike in Transylvania

Gaming history

  • Code Masters
    • CJ's elephant antics
    • CJ in the USA
    • Spike in Transylvania
    • DJ Puff - Volcanic capers
    • Stuntman Seymour
    • Wrestling superstars
    • Bubble Dizzy
    • Miami Chase
    • 1st DIvision football manager
  • Thalamus
    • Nobby the Aardvark
  • Zeppelin software
    • Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles